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Western Governors University Reviews


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My experience and WGU has been great. Granted I have only been attending it for two months, but from what i have seen so far is outstanding. As I stated I have attended for two months and i have earned already 19 credits. You are probally saying what kind of school is this 19 credits in two months, somethins goin on huh. NO! WGU allows you to work at your own pace, and earn credits as fast as you can. Still think its some kind of joke uni. go to the website ( and check how the school is accredited. Ull be happy to find that its one of the most in the country. Tuition covers a six month period. Maybe the price would be expensive if it were compared to other schools but a term is six months long so obviously it should be calculated diff..Personally i feel you can not put a price on being able to go at your own pace, and trust me the school puts together great studying tools to help you with the assesments. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I must admit though i can handle being self tought for the most part. Some people prefer having someone to ask question s often, and have things thoroughly explained to them (not that theres anything wrong with that). You have help dont get me wrong its just nothing compared to if you were to go to an actual campas. Personally I love the school, and it was a life saver finding it.