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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Dreams Come True"

I am on my third term with WGU. If you are looking to finish your degree in education but do not have the flexibility of being able to attend class on time then consider WGU. WGU offers a comprehensive list of courses that will challenge you and expand your knowledge on the most up to date research models in education. An exciting feature about WGU is that most, if not all of your books are available as e-books which cuts down on the cost considerably. The learning resources provided are fun and engaging, not to mention that they appeal to different types of learning styles. Course Mentors are provided for each course and students have the option of participating in online communities for each course you take. Western Governors is self paced yet holds students to standards and they are nationally and regionally accredited. Did I mention that cost. WGU is so cost efficient that I will graduate with very little in student loans, just under two thousand dollars.