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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Current WGU Student"

I'm finishing up my first semester and so far the experience has been great! I'm actually the one impediment in my success at WGU. :) If I wasn't such a procrastinator, I probably would be a lot further along in my studies than I am right now. And that's just the thing: with WGU YOU are the one responsible for your learning. There are no instructors to blame for your failure, YOU are the one responsible for your learning and your pace. I found that the exams were not hard, but neither were they easy. You do have to study the material and learn what there is to learn. The papers were harder for me, hence the procrastination... I haven't written a "paper" since leaving college almost 14 years ago. That's a heck of a long time to not put thoughts to paper in a cohesive and logical manner. But I did it and scored well, bolstering my confidence in my learning. I do like the competency based learning module, it makes more sense than getting a degree earned through rote memorization of material only remembered long enough to spew out onto a fill in the bubble test. The tasks are well thought out to provoke a THOUGHT PROCESS.... something ELSE i haven't done in a while. Think? Hehe... That's why I'm back in school... to remember HOW TO THINK.... The financial aid and admissions process was easy. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful and always assisting me in what I needed. The time difference is an issue since I live in Hawaii, but it's okay. My mentor and I have worked around that. If you are an accomplished self-learner, if you're self-motivated, and you don't appreciate someone over your shoulder telling you what you should and shouldn't do, I think WGU is a great option to earn a degree. If you need someone guiding you every step of the way, or if you need to sit in a class in order to learn, this may not be the best option for a traditional learner. Me, I like being responsible for my own success or failure, and so WGU is a great fit for me!