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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Competency is subjective"

In theory, this would be a great institution to attend. However, many details on the competency based learning are left out. I completed a period and a half and finally could not bear the inconsistencies that there were per course. First off, most course materials are not view-able on tablets, which I tend to use over computers for reading. Also, most course webpages are poorly laid out and are littered with resources that aren't explained sufficiently within the course syllabus or mentioned at all. If you don't mind trying to wrap your head around a poorly constructive site than it shouldn't be an issue. My student mentor was helpful but the other resources such as the writing center and course mentors were less than helpful. I'm a pretty independent student and don't need much assistance but the times I did reach out to course mentors for specific questions about papers they would talk in vague terms and expectations. I don't need someone to hold my hand or do my work but if I ask a specific question I expect a certain response. Also, be ready to write 15 to 25 page papers consistently. I believe I had one under ten pages. Lastly, there is a wall between you and the person who is grading your work. They grade your work and if they think it needs to be revised they will leave you comments. Any clarifications on their comments is impossible as they lie behind a clock of secrecy. Remember this is a resource that reads the rubics for the course and makes their own opinions on whether you meet the requirements. The do not offer any help other than comments. You must than work with you course and student to mentor to discern what is really being expected. FYI: They are not ACBSP accredited. That was my fault.