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Western Governors University Reviews


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My experience has been positive, though I agree with other reviewers that WGU is not for everyone. College isn't for everyone, either, but if you are considering an online program it is probably important to note some of the differences between virtual and brick-and-mortar venues. Each has its pros and cons, many of which have been tallied in other posts so I won't repeat them. I would, however, like to add value to this thread by commenting on the nature of WGU's programs as being "competency-based." This is an important element and it took two master's degrees for me to really appreciate it. In 2013, I began and completed an MSN. I did this in one semester by reading, writing, taking tests, and studying 8 to 12 hours most days. I don't recommend this, as it's fairly obsessive, exhausting, and has side effects like ending personal relationships. My point being that it can be done, but it takes a lot of focus, self-motivation, and established competencies in the field of study. After completing my MSN, I began an MBA program. I no longer had 8 or more hours a day to devote to school, but I still put in the recommended 15 to 20 hours a week. It has taken me the full two years to complete the MBA on this schedule, but my background and competencies were in patient care and not business... so this makes sense. Having completed an associates, two bachelors, and a clinical doctorate at brick-and-mortar schools, and now two masters degrees online, I will say that I consider the online venue slightly superior. The education seems equivalent and I don't have to travel or circle for parking. You do indeed get out of it what you put in, but ask yourself what you want out of a degree. If you intend to network, then brick-and-mortar may be better with Ivy league being ideal. If you just want knowledge, then the Internet is likely all you need. I will also say that WGU, while excellent, has all the bureaucracy of any other university. That being said, I would absolutely recommend it if you have the time, motivation, and skill set to succeed.