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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Clearing up some misconceptions"

I don't know how many posts I've seen (here and other places on the web) that call WGU a "scam." It is NOT a scam at all, and a little solid research will establish its legitimacy beyond a reasonable doubt. For one thing, almost all "scam" schools are only nationally accredited and not regionally accredited. WGU is both. It is regionally accredited by one of the best-known accrediting agencies in the country, actually. If it was a scam, it would have been shut down long ago. Scam schools can't get regional accreditation because regional accreditors scrutinize schools WAY too closely for scam tactics to work for long. Just the fact that WGU is regionally accredited is proof it isn't a scam school. My guess is the low ratings are based more on bad educational and/or personnel experience than on any sort of "scam" tactics on WGU's part. Online education is not for everyone and some people get really excited about the idea of "going to school at home" and don't realize how much independent study is actually required to do well in the classes. That isn't WGU's fault - that's just the nature of online education. If you aren't adept at working on your own with minimal assistance, online education probably isn't a good fit for you, and thus, neither is WGU. To the reviewer who commented that his/her employer wouldn't accept a WGU degree, I know this sounds harsh, but FIND A NEW JOB. Many employers today do not understand the concept of online/distance education, nor are they able to comprehend the difficulty involved in attending a traditional brick and mortar university while working a full-time job and supporting a family at the same time. If your efforts to earn a legitimate degree are going unappreciated/unrewarded by your employer, the chances are everything else you're doing is, too.