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Western Governors University Reviews


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Contrary to what they say this is NOT a self-paces course. You aren't allowed to even start courses without your "mentor's" approval. I started June 1st and completed the "introductory course in 2 days (June 3rd). It is now June 18th and I can't get permission from my mentor to begin another course. You have to schedule appointments for phone conversations with your mentor but the only time they have appointments available is when most of us are at work. Even with that I scheduled appointments twice, scheduled time off from work, and my mentor missed the appoinments. How piss poor is that? The enrollment process was very smooth. My enrollment counselor called practically everyday to see if I had questions or if I needed help arranging financial aid etc. However as soon as I enrolled and paid the tuition...............NOT A PEEP!!! Imagine that. Now I'm requesting to withdraw because I can see it's just not going to work for me. Maybe if I lived in their time zone and didn't have a day job it would be better. Then I could be available when they are "available". Otherwise.........GOOD LUCK!!!