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Western Governors University Reviews


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I am currently on my second year at WGU. I've been having a great time. My mentor is awesome, and things so far are going well. A few people have given negative reviews. Well, here is the real scoop. EWB (Education without Boundaries), is the first class you will take. This class will help you get familiar to the online education environment. You may be required to wait for your mentor to release your other classes, but from then on you have control of what you study. There are "required completion dates", but you can finish your classes anytime before the end of the term. For the remainder of the terms that follow, you and your mentor will discuss what should be the right path to follow as in what classes you should take that term. Your mentor will advise you on what he or she thinks you should take, but ultimately it is up to you to make that decision. There is nothing sketchy about this school, and if your company doesn't accept this degree, then they should not accept one from Oregon State University or Washington State University or even Brigham Young University as they receive accreditation from the same regional accrediting organization. So, just to make it clear, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, Microsoft and many others, hire WGU students. Some reviews are complete fools and never gave this school a chance. Many problems you may have with WGU are the same problems that you would have any other place. I love WGU and have recommended it to my friends and co-workers.