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Western Governors University Reviews


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"At Your Own Speed"

Having had a lot of experience in Training & Development, I wanted to transition into instructional design. I thought my experience would translate well into this profession. I was right, and I enjoyed an accelerated program of study. This is a very big plus in my book. Another positive was having a personal mentor that guided me through the requirements, electives, etc. She called me at least once a month. She also tried to conduct a monthly meeting of students working on the same major, but this faltered due to student lack of participation. Regardless, her demonstrated interest in my progress helped enormously. One more thing, the graders are different from the instructors. With this arrangement, instructors actually have to teach to the learning objectives and competencies. When I passed my assignments and exams, I knew that I was actually performing to expectations. All in all, a PERFECT place for students with a high level of initiative. Slackers, not so much.