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Western Governors University Reviews


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"Almost done and happy I tried"

I am almost finished. In the first term I completed 68 credits and had 15 transferred in from 10 years ago. If you are motivated and set your mind to working hard then you will complete the degree. Mentors are good and help push you in the right direction but I wish that they had more access to the classes we have to go through in order to complete them. Course Mentors are very good and accommodating. Most are very knowledgeable in their fields. Classes - this is where my opinion starts to turn. A lot of their classes are very well done but some later classes such as Critical Thinking, IT Concepts (which has several questions about Windows 95), and Accounting tasks (they ask you to complete an analysis which states to look the information up on the internet then the mentor tells you to use the book) need some work as their information is wrong. They tell you to read chapters in a book but none of it is on the test. I have filled out several surveys about this problem without any response. Taskstream - I think all of the students will tell you that taskstream which is the task/paper grading people have no idea at all. They have no knowledge about the task itself and grade off of their own opinion at times which I think is very wrong. I love writing papers but after you get them back several times you want to give up. Overall - I am happy I went to this school. It was a degree I wanted to get just for myself, but I will not be taking their Masters program because I just don't think it is worth all of the anguish with dealing with their classes/taskstream.