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Western Governors University Reviews


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"A good education if you're a self-disciplined self-starter"

First of all, I, too, am a 4.0 student, and had more than 130 credits to my name from previous starts at colleges. I found it very easy to get around at WGU once I spent a few minutes learning the student portal plus going through the "Education Without Boundaries" course information that is your intro to WGU. I was disappointed that so few of my previous credits transferred in. This is the result of the model used, in which several classes from another school may combine to equate to a "domain" at WGU. For example, I had plenty of collegiate math, but no statistics, so I couldn't transfer any math; I had to take the math domain over. WGU is starting to break some of these domains up a little, and it looks like it might be possible for more credits to transfer going forward because of that. My progress mentors (I had two) were both excellent. They were there, supportive, and took care of business quickly and efficiently when I needed something done, and stayed out of my way when I was ready to fly forward. I did have regular phone calls with my progress mentor, generally every two weeks, to check in regarding my progress and make sure I didn't need anything. However, they were very responsive whenever I emailed or called at other times, as well. The content mentors (the people available for each course who are the subject matter experts available to help you) were mostly great, with a few exceptions, much like the instructors at any college. Much of the courses are put together from 3rd party resources. I don't see this as a bad thing; they choose materials that are appropriate to what they've determined are the requirements for a course that have been developed by other experts in that particular area. In most cases, there are multiple possible resources for you to choose from, suitable for different learning styles. If you already know the subject, you may just take the pre-assessment, determine if you have any weak areas you need to cover, and move on to an objective exam. If it's a performance assessment, you may start answering questions or writing papers. I found the level of challenge pretty much what I've experienced at other traditional universities. Many courses were easy, some were boring, some were very interesting and some were more difficult and required me to spend some time working on them. Given the level of work experience I had prior to starting this degree, plus the fact that I was re-doing a number of the general education courses that I had done previously, there's no real surprise to me that I found much of it easy, but my opinion is that if you were inexperienced that the courses would certainly be more challenging. Bottom line: this school is definitely NOT for everyone, but if you have good self-discipline and can stay on task, and you do well studying on your own and having to ASK if you are having difficulty, rather than waiting for someone to hold your hand, you can do well at WGU.