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Walden University Reviews


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"Working Hard but Loving It"

I am currently writing chapter 4 of my dissertation but started taking classes at Walden in 2007. I have had to work very hard to get where I am but have learned a lot in the process. I feel when I graduate I will be ready for the workplace. Prior to starting my dissertation I took my classes and the experience was alright. Some classes just as with regular brick and mortar universities were harder than others or had more demanding professors. I would really recheck academic advising advice for accuracy, but all other departments (writing center, research center, library, IRB) I have dealt with have been professional and helpful. I cant complain about the university because I have enjoyed my experience. I was lucky enough to select a great committee to work with me for my dissertation, and looking forward to finishing soon. While my experience has been positive and rewarding, I also have to be a go getter sometimes and seek out things I don't know or which I don't quite understand from my committee's advice. At this level, you are being prepared to be independent, so you have to be ready to do extra work yourself because really the research is yours and you are the one who will shine at the end of it. So if you are ready to work hard at your own pace and accept the inevitable pitfalls that come along the way (and that can occur even with regular universities) then sign up for classes. I will add that my experience does not mirror some of my friend's at the university but I believe they work with you to resolve problems and get you to graduation if that is where you want to get to. I have seen in my dissertation class 4 people graduate in the last two years I have been in it. GOOD LUCK...