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Walden University Reviews


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"Walden: Good and Bad"

If you're an employed professional who never received a college degree, yet have no time for brick and mortar, I would definitely recommend it; but I would recommend saving money by getting your AA at the local CC first. Most CC's offer online general ed now. Like any brick and mortar, you have to take the good with the bad. Also you cannot expect anyone to help you. The administration is not as bad as what is reviewed here, but you do have to be proactive. The good: Written material uses latest theories and same textbook companies as most brick&mortar 4yr BusAd degrees so if you read you will learn (my niece is currently going to a UC for Bus Admin and they use many of the same textbooks - Prentice Hall, McGrawHill). Most of the teachers go out of their way to help. Lenient on transfer credits from CC. Accredited by USDE 4yr degree. Much of the course is writing oriented so as to avoid discredit for being online. Most of the students are mature and working professionals and you can tell from their writing/discussions. The bad: Much like brick & mortar state colleges, they let anyone and everyone in. This includes people who had no business even graduating high school. Group projects are a joke and waste of time because of such people. You will hear the weakest 3rd grade elementary excuses. Another negative is that it is expensive (but you should be able to do 3.25 yrs of your work at CC before even going to Walden, check transferable courses). For me, it was a pretty decent learning experience. I think that there is still a bad image with online degrees and understandably so. But over time, the quality of graduates will improve; and more such graduates in the work force. I was actually surprised to see higher % of mature and obviously skilled people in the courses than "ITT tech-esque" people. Also more brick&mortar schools are now having no choice but to offer some online courses to cut costs, so online courses will become more legitimized.