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Walden University Reviews


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"Very Unique"

I am currently enrolled in Walden University for the time being in the B.S. in Psychology with preparation for Graduate Studies, and a concentration in Criminal Justice. (two concentrations are not always offered outside of an interdisciplinary major, but there are ways to obtain it) Once I clear up a fee at Ashford University (as aforementioned good education, but be careful with the financial aid department) I will be able to enroll in the M.S. program only after taking a few more courses at WU. The library is amazing at WU, as is the writing center, the online classroom format the WU blogs, and supplemental education links. The curriculum is rather unique. Many of the classes have short 1-3 oage essays per week, object projects, and not too many quizzes. You do end up writing alot, but not on the same paper or on a draft--final research paper format. The posting responses are set at a fair minimum of one, however, the posts carry alot of points for less postings, so you better check spelling, APA referencing, minimum word count, and core content to assure you acquire full points. The classes have many non graded self assessments you must take, links you must do additional reading on and other tests/links you may take/read at your discretion. The classes are more set up to teach and test a broader variety of skill sets and knowledge on various topics. This makes the classes more fun and keeps the extensive writing from becoming stale. The classes are challenging, except for the Communications courses or the Student Readiness course, unless you are totally unfamiliar with the online education format. WU does offer job placement, WU associations for Alumni and lots of links to support students, so I would recommend them to anyone. The two things to consider really is how many of your transfer credits will count towards your degree as this will vary depending upon the school(s) you attended previously and the course number as well; the second, the courses are mostly 5 credits, so if you are using financial aid to pay for school, do your calculating carefully, as they will not, so as long as you have aid to get pay for initial courses. Pay attention to you lifetime aggregate limits!