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Walden University Reviews


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"The Walden Experience"

I have the highest regards for the instructors and staff at Walden University. Having never been in the education field before, and majoring in Higher Education with a concentration in Online and Distant Learning; I am amazed at the level of knowledge I now have in the field, with one more course to complete and then my Capstone. I have recieved, with the exception of one B, all A's; an unbelievable achievement, considering I had not been in college since I recieved my BA in 1980. The program has high standards and outcomes that must be met; I study upwards of 30 hours a week, but it has been worth every second I have given up to achieve this. Faculty engagement is often limited, but the program is designed for the interaction in discussion threads with colleagues and directed along by instructor. It is a hard adjustment at first not having been in an educational environment for a number of years, but you grow into the program and grow up as well. The Walden Experience is exciting because you are the designer of your own path and destiny with all the supports you could possibly need, excellent learning materials, and Walden's reputation for excellence.