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Walden University Reviews


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"The Administrative Support at Walden University is a JOKE!!"

I completed my undergraduate degree at Walden University in Business Administration. The administrative support I received was absolutely terrible. This problem wasn't limited to one department either. I had trouble with the Financial Aid department, the Bursars office, the Academic Advisors, the "Graduation Team", etc. Every issue I encountered required me to e-mail and call at least ten times (and this is not an exaggeration and I have the e-mail chains to prove it for anyone doubting me on this). Nobody would ever handle any of my problems, and I was constantly pushed off on other people. I have never received this poor of customer service from any other organization (and I've had to deal with a lot of notoriously poor organizations like the VA, DoD Records Offices, State Unemployment Office, and Credit Card companies). I have been done with the Walden program for two months now, and of course I still can't get anyone to respond to me and tell me if they are even working on processing/issuing my degree. Also, I still haven't received my Financial Aid award (Pell Grant and Stafford Loan) from 4 months ago. In fact, I was actually told today that I will not receive it, because the school didn't process it on time and there is nothing I can do about it. Apparently the Financial Aid has to be processed during the term it is to be awarded for (although I submitted it two weeks prior to the term's end date, apparently it takes three months to process like everything else at Walden). The program price is a little costly, but the convenience of doing your degree quickly (took 3 six-week courses at a time to complete 19 classes in a little over a year of course time) and at your own time added to the value. I would say that they are by no means a Diploma Mill as I do feel I learned a decent amount and I am a lot better at writing long (usually a 5-10 page paper per class). However, I think they should revise their mission statement to say something along the lines of "To push as many people through the school as quickly as possible, while having as little administrative support as possible to keep costs low, with the goal of generating as much profit for the shareholders" or the motto to "At Walden you are just another number, so don't ask us for anything accept the address to send the check to". But this is just one person's experience...