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Walden University Reviews


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"Not easy but a good university"

I am currently in the Ph.D program in educational psychology. I am a school psychologist who is pursuing another degree because I would like ot teach at the university level part-time during the summers and school year. I have attended regular universities and graduated with my Master's from Ohio State a few years ago. Walden University is not easy! I have found online classes to be harder than traditional courses and require more time to complete assignments. The biggest advantage I have seen is the weekly a regular classroom you have the option of just listening to the teacher with minimal input. Walden's classes require you to interact with your peers with much more frequency and your discussions require not only content knowledge, but also analysis and synthesis of the of the information. In addition, your arguments and discussions need to be backed up by research literature....which is why in the course of my responses being more thoughtful I am learning more than I have in many of my other classes. The only downside is that the enrollment is open. This is good and bad. The good side of this is that it allows those with the dedication to pursue a doctorate. Ok, so the admission requirements are not difficult but the workload is very a way setting up those with weaker skills for failure. I have witnessed a good amount of people drop out because they are not equipped academically. I do believe that those who make it through these doctoral programs will be very competent thus furthering the reputation of this university. Overall, would recommend.