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Walden University Reviews


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"Not a good university to attend"

As a professor at Walden there are a number of things students and prospective students should think about. There is very little to no effort to mentor you through your program. You will find yourself alone in the program without the traditional approach of matching your to a faculty member to help you with dissertation ideas and work to refine your idea. The courses are poorly designed and have major shortcomings (they don't address the latest trends) and are updated very infrequently by inexperienced academic leadership. The entrance criteria and lack of a comps process demonstrates a lack of rigor in the program. You will not be prepared to teach or conduct research. The biggest issue is the job you want after completing your PhD in public health. If you are interested in working at a 4-year institution or research institution this degree does not prepare you for that and it will be very challenging for you to find a job in higher education with this degree. If you are interested in working at community college this degree might help you to be more competitive for the job. Default rates are high on recipients of student loans because many have no teaching or research experience and therefore are not completive for jobs. Students also don't have a strong connection with a mentor that can help them in their job search as most faculty and leadership ave no experience outside of online teaching at Walden and are not well respected scholars. Walden does not have CEPH accreditation which is another disadvantage for the student when looking for a job. Walden has a retention rate of 29% ( which means 71% do not graduate but still have debt, but only 41% pay off their loans. Also understand that faculty have no ability to design courses are stray from the preconceived idea of what should be covered in the class. The leadership of the college have very little experience and do not understand how to lead a university and don't allow the faculty to use creative ways to prepare students for future work in higher education. You should read these articles before thinking about Walden�t