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Walden University Reviews


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"NP program, look elsewhere"

I am currently enrolled, I regret my decision to go here, but am stuck because of time and money spent. While the academics is fair and probably comparable to other for profit schools offering this degree, Walden is exceptionally poor when it comes to following through on their obligation to students in regard to their ability to negotiate with sites for clinical rotations. While finding your own preceptors and clinical sites are a feature of most online and some brick and mortar schools as well, Walden seems to be completely inept to negotiate contracts with sites. The student has no control over this aspect of their program and must depend on Walden to be professional, knowledgeable and above all honest in their ability to negotiate contracts on behalf of the student. Many sites refuse to work with Walden students because of the lack of communication, lack of contract knowledge and the rapid turnover of staff in this department. This is a real blow to the student who has worked hard only to get to the point in their program where the University must step up and do their part only to have them fail, I have only three practicum classes left, have preceptors and sites set up, but doubt if I can actually bring this all to fruition. Walden does not seem to understand their own contracts and expect the sites to explain and do their work for them, no wonder a multitude of sites refuse Walden students, I wish I had said no as well.