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Walden University Reviews


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"Love it in every way!"

So, as a student at Walden University, I loved the flexibility that the programs provide as well as the level of education in which I received from the University. All of my instructors were very helpful and courteous, and most importantly, human. They, just as I, endured problems and understood that at times, I had issues as well!! They were always willing to work with me and there was never a time where I went with my questions unanswered. As an employee of the school, in advising, I must say that I, and everyone of my colleagues, enjoy what we do, which is helping other people see their potential, through education. It is a rewarding feeling to know that I have helped someone achieve a goal, whether it is for personal gratification or for career purposes, I have made a difference and had an impact in their lives, so I know that they will never forget me, nor do I forget them. Now, what I understand in any position, is that you cannot please everyone!! There is always going to be an unhappy person, no matter how hard you work to please them!! Walden University is about setting the expectation!!! You should not come to the school (or any school) thinking that it's going to be an easy experience. We are on-line for the convenience of our students!! I am a student and can say that I would not be successful in the traditional school at this point in my life. Not just because I don't want to travel to a campus, but also because I have a busy life and most likely will not retain the information that I am on campus for. My program makes it ready for me to attend classes in my time, therefore, I retain the information better!! I am not saying that an on-line program is great for everyone, but I am saying that it works for me!! I love being a student at Walden and also being an employee!!! I feel that these blogs are helpful, but if you really want to form and opinion, allow it to be that of your own!!