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Walden University Reviews


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"Love Walden!"

I spent almost a year looking at schools before I decided to enroll at Walden. When I did decide to enroll my enrollment advisor was very helpful. As a matter of fact everyone I've had to deal with has been very professional and very helpful. When I was ready to look for my dissertation committee my academic advisor was wonderful.

He sent me the faculty research interest list and kept in contact with me to see how things were progressing. I had my committee nominated less than two months after I got the list. There was a minor problem with the committee nomination forms being approved but that was because a person in the research office had to take a sudden leave of absence. Everyone worked hard to resolve the issue quickly.

My chair is wonderful! We are required to participate in weekly discussions that are related to our dissertations. I really like the discussions because they have really helped me get my topic focused. I've submitted my prospectus after one rewrite and expect it to be approved the next go around.

PhD students are expected to attend residencies which can be expensive but they are well worth it. The professors at the residencies are very helpful and the seminars are very hands on and they are tough. But, I've made great friends at the residencies and really had a great time.

The course work is not easy- graduate school is not suppose to be easy. Walden demands excellence and you either rise to that or you don't. I have chosen to do that. Walden encourages students to publish, present at conferences, and impact social change. They take that social change thing seriously.

Overall, Walden is an excellent school. A degree from Walden is not considered a joke (the local school board where I live encourages teachers to pursue their master's through Walden and so does the company I work for). I have enjoyed my experiences at Walden so much I'm applying for a position teaching there.