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Walden University Reviews


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"High Quality Education Received From Walden University"

Walden University, due to its online nature, is only appropriate for students who are highly independent and self-motivated. I have attended this university in the past and found its courses to be of high quality and its professors being practitioners in the field that they teach. To get good grades, you will need to work hard at it. Since the online format does not provide students with a hand-holding experience, students who hope to simply cruise through class will be surprised, because in an online environment, the student has to post all assignments and class interactions where it is seen by all other students in addition to the professor. There is no place to hide in an online class, particularly for those students who are used to hiding in the back of the class. Unfortunately, some students posted unfavorable comments about Walden University because they were probably hoping for an easy ride in a largely online university, only to find that he/she needs to work hard to earn good grades. The accreditation of Walden University by a number of respectable university accreditation agencies in the U.S. is a clear indication that Walden University has earned its recognition. I feel sorry for the one who posted negative comments about the university when they probably had failed or did not get good grades because of the misconception of an easy ride in an online university. Regardless, I am glad that I had attended Walden University and received an excellent education. Good luck to those who only spent time on writing negative comments and wasting their lives away.