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Walden University Reviews


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"Great School: You must work!"

Let me be brief and to the point. Before anyone chooses a school they need to do their own research and I don't mean reading simple reviews. You need to talk to the school and ask many many questions. If you don't one will find themselves disappointed. As for me, I have two more courses before I start my dissertation. This school has been a challenge. For 12 weeks, I am doing weekly assignments, responding to other students, taking quizzes, exams, doing annotated bibliographies, writing up research papers, providing a curriculum, a lesson plan, designing my research, and more. The classes take self motivation, self discipline, and self esteem. I knew from the start that I would have to read my work and challenge myself. People these days need to be spook fed everything without picking up a book. You have to be able to manage you time and have good study skills. Each course I have taken thus far, have made me a better writer, a better test taker, and confident in interacting with my fellow students. People who are not satisifed with their education at Walden University are simply bashers from other online schools, individuals who did not research properly, or simply do not have the self determination to be independent. Walden is not perfect it has its ups and down, and I have noticed the great changes they have made thus far. -Student services which includes Walden e-mail -LiveChat customer services -Access to everything that has to do with your education from transcipts to the cost of your education. -Alumni magazines -Residencies that actually help you with your research studies. Where you can talk to other instructors. -Online conferences on variety of topics -Seminars that you can attend for FREE to ask all the questions you need. -And much more. I am so glad I found this school. And I will be proud to have the degree.