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Walden University Reviews


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"Buyer Beware"

I will have to start off by saying that I have been to both traditional and on-line schools. I can honestly say that at this point the only reason that I have not left this school is because I have already wasted so much of my money and time. Please do not be fooled by the nice admissions sales person you will talk to. Trust me. The helpfulness stops there. Here is this school in bullet points. 1)Get ready for busy work that has nothing to do with your class subject. You will be doing it and doing it often. 2)Get used to not having an adviser. When you call them they are not helpful and will harm you more than they should. You can try to e-mail them but good luck at getting a response. 3)Your professors are allowed to ignore you. Don't contact the administration about it. They don't care because they already have your tuition money. 4)Never forget this is a corporation and nobody there has to assist you with anything. 5)Most of the students at this school are miserable. When you are reading these reviews be cautious that Walden faculty and staff can post on these sites too, and yes some of them are students. If you want to get the most out of your education and be respected by the community that will someday hire you, choose another school besides Walden.