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Walden University Reviews


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"Buyer Beware"

I can honestly say that my experience from a learning stand point while at Walden University was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging subject material and the enormous amount of effort that it takes to comprehend the material and the discipline it forces you to develop in order to get the work accomplished.

However, I labeled this response as Buyer Beware. The customer service side of Walden University is absolutely horrendous. Walden University is a for-profit institution that was bought by the Sylvan Learning Group three years ago which means its quarterly market driven. This in part helps explains it total lack of concern for a student's financial needs.

The easy answer is to get directed to the school's web site for any issue or problem that you may want answers too. The customer services aspect of the school is its Achilles heel and in this case you pay a high price and you don't get a good return on your time and investment.