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Walden University Reviews


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"At least they are accredited!"

Slightly better than a diploma mill due to the fact that they are accredited, Walden University is the bottom rung of education. They are the online equivalent of that local community college that the losers go to before they drop out and work at Arbys. Their graduation rate for MBAs is less than half, the worst in the nation. Transfers are even fewer. Do not attend Walden if you are paying for your own degree or want to compete in the open marketplace. Attend Walden if you expect to be at the same company for the next 20 years and just need a piece of paper to get a raise or promotion. Most of the reviews on here are by Walden University staff. I attended, and received, my MBA while working at Walden and know that it's common practice to "encourage" the employees to help "spread the good word" about Walden. How's that for a shoddy institution.