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Walden University Reviews


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"A Walden Degree is worthless"

My opinion of Walden in no way reflects the quality of work and knowledge I received, but does reflect the information given to me about the degree I received. The work was rigorous, practical in that I could immediately use it in the classroom, and valued in the organization I was a part of. My dissatisfactory comes in the form that after I finished my program, I passed the test that my state requires to be certified as an administrator. The last form needed was a verification of the program completed and an official transcript. After a few days I received an email from registration stating that the form could not be complete because Walden's program is not state board approved in my state or the state they are based in. Granted, this was a question I specifically asked the academic advisor who began my journal. This makes my degree worthless. It can not be used to add initial certifications. Walden's programs are only able to renew certification. So, if you plan to gain knowledge that is useful, GREAT! If you plan to advance your career, TRY AGAIN!