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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"You get what you put out"

I completed my degree in with UoP in April of 2009. As I read over the different comments from others who have attended I noticed a common thread, of those who complained and said the school was bad, most did not complete. Yes, there were things I didn't like about UoP. I never spoke with a financial adviser once during my entire degree. It was ok though, because I took responsibility to follow up with that stuff on my own, never had a problem, and graduated with a zero balance. My first student advisor was great but she left. Her replacement was awful, so what. Yes, there were some teachers I didn't get along with, but I did my work, turned it in on time and passed my classes. Did, I have to work hard? Yes I did! I had to read my assignments, ask questions, do the research and turn my assignment in on time. I also had a couple of family crisis while enrolled and had to communicate with my teachers and ask for help, maybe I was just lucky, but they worked with me to work it out. I work with a woman who has attended both traditional college and online college, she stated that online college is twice as hard as regular college. I can believe it. I had to manage my time in conjunction with a full time job, marriage, social life and volunteer work. It was important to me, so I did it. No, my experience at UoP wasn't perfect, but then neither is life. We get what we put out. If we work hard we get good benefits, if we slack off we don't. That's life. I am glad that I did the research and work to complete my degree. I learned a lot and found the experience invaluable. I gained a degree that will benefit me in all areas of my life.