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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"Wish I haven't wasted so much time and moeny"

I have 5 more classes to finish with UoP for my AA in Accounting. I am beyond displeased and contemplating other options. So far the work has been ridiculously easy and I have not learned a thing. They have not offered me the option to test out of any course. In addition, their required courses are a joke. I am in a Peachtree accounting class (which is basically data entry into Peachtree) with an instructor who doesn't know the difference between "there, their and they're." I am a train accounting software for a company who develops it, I clearly understand they way it is supposed to work. The response is this is a required course. I have had 1 great instructor since I've been enrolled. My financial aid rep does not respond, however since contacting her supervisor I know deal with her supervisor. It is a waste of money and for nothing. My peers and some faculty do not have standards and I question the standards of the University for hiring the instructors. I will not finish my degree there. At this point in my life I am in school to actually learn and UoP hasn't taught me a thing.