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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"The school was great!"

The school was great. I was helped at all times. Even when I had doubts in the school because of bad reviews I kept on working and it paid off. The school is not a rip off. You get what you put into it. I worked hard with 3 kids and was pregnant twice and working. Now I have 5 kids and finished. It was not easy. I had to devote much of my time into school. This is the best college. I was able to do 2 years and get a degree. I only had one bad experience and that was an instructor that thought I was not ready because I had kids and was 20 at the time. Well maybe, she will get to see this. I did it and so I know anyone that puts the effort in can. For the people that think it's easier than other colleges. I have to tell you that your absolutely wrong. My uncle went to school at the local college for a degree in computer science. He was looking at my math class and noticed that he was doing the exact same things. So for all students that think this your wrong and to the employers that think this is not adequate school then reseach the curriculum and find out for your self.