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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"Save your money - cross Phoenix off your list!"

I got my Associates Degree from Axia College at University of Phoenix, then went on to do part of my Bachelor's degree. The reason I chose U of P is because I already had healthcare administration upper division credits from Southern Illinois University, and was told by the enrollment person that I would receive credit for them. They won't tell you how many of your previously earned credits will apply to your program until after you are enrolled. They accepted ONE credit hour. Ridiculous, as the course descriptions were almost identical, and I had actually received an EDUCATION at SIU. Thousands of dollars down the drain. I tried to withdraw once, but they screwed up my financial aid, so I had to take another class in order to get my federal aid to release. I have had two excellent professors in my 2 years at U of P. The rest were mediocre, and two really stunk. Teammates plagiarized with no visible consequence, although I reported them. Complaints about one professor's antagonistic behavior went without any reasonable response. For the most part, any learning that occurs will be purely accidental. The quality of student they accept is abysmal, as you can see from the first day's postings in any class there... people who cannot think at all, much less critically. Being paired with these losers for projects was painful. The tuition and fees are also unreasonable. I would encourage everyone to explore the online offerings of their local community college. You should be able to knock out 2 years of community college for LESS than the cost of 2 individual classes at U of P!!! Five weeks is NOT a sufficient amount of time to absorb, synthesize, and explain theories and concepts. And just in case you think it's a case of sour grapes, my GPA is over 3.3. I am transferring all of my credits to Charter Oak State College, as they have a very liberal transfer policy, and finishing my degree by exam. Even with matriculation fee, testing fees and graduation fee, it will still cost less than 2 more classes at Phoenix. I would be ashamed to have U of Phoenix printed on my resume after first hand experience with them.