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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"I have been attending for over two years"

I have been attending UOP on an off since 2007...I changed my degree program from MAED (Masters in elementary ed) to BSIT software engineering. Honest to goodness, I have had very good interactions and support from most of my advisors until I switched to the BSIT program and got a different financial advisor. This current financial advisor of mine, failed to contact me an inform me early about the fact that I will have over 3,000 dollars of out of pocket costs. However, my previous advisor was great, called me just about every week. It does depend from person to person. However, I have resolved my issues with this current advisor. I just need to be more vigilant and ask a lot of questions to get the answers from him. My academic and enrollment advisor were GREAT! My enrollment advisor called me just about every day or two to check up on me and he gave me wonderful support and advice. In terms of education materials, the school has a great online library, math tutorials that goes into college algebra and statistics, great writing center ( with awesome citation and reference generator, grammar tutorials, and plagirism checker). All your text books materials are grouped in one page week by week links for your to access. I have had great interactions with my faculties and students, the draw back is the that occasionally you will find one or so student who don't respond to their part of the group assignment. In a case like this, the group will need to contact the professor and let him/her know. I am on my third course in the BSIT program and depending from teacher to teacher, the number of discussions questions generated by the teacher can vary from as little as 2 a week to 8 or 10 a week. One usually needs to answer to two a week and participate 4 day out of 7 aside form group projects and individual projects. I am enjoying the classes a lot, a lot of the students of my program are adults who have families and work to tend to and tend to be more professional and friendly. You do need to be a independent self starter in terms of study, reading and doing the papers and projects. What I love is the abundance of information they have in the library ebooks, and online databases!!