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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"How bad can it be?"

I am in my 5th out of 12 classes in the program. I took one class in the classroom and the rest online. Pros: You can start immediately for online and classroom is not much of a wait either. The online library has an extensive collection of journals, but no books (con). You can switch from online to classroom easily. Classroom is once a week and four hours in length. Class is 6 weeks long. Cons: Online is close to 400 dollars more than campus per class, and there is nothing additional provided by the school. Actually their costs are less with you online, since there is no building cost. You will teach everything to yourself. What you put in through reading the material is what you get out. They do not have teachers, they have facilitators (school's term) and they are simply grade givers (mine at least). Facilitators have no say in course curriculum, all is decided by the wizard of oz. Finals are created by the university and the facilitators have no idea what is on them. So far, every test has had questions that were not in the subject material, but you can use google. Some facilitators do not know what book we are using. The QRB class is a complete waster of time and money. Be prepared to write a paper almost every week on a topic that often does not warrant a paper. In the online course you have log in 4 days a week and discuss twice on each of those days. Facilitators will post questions. Some post only 2 and do not count your first response as discussion. What? How is that not discussion? You will spend a ridiculous amount of time on the discussion board, whereas in the classroom you have 4 hrs/week. There are no partnerships with businesses to enhance and apply your learning. You will only look at fake companies where some of the information is grossly limited. The cost rose three times so far. No other school will want you to transfer credits from here. Good luck trying to determine how to drop a class and no verifiable way exists to know if your "adviser" accomplished the drop for you. Poorly run in every way is this school. Take the GMAT/GRE or not, but find something better.