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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"Good UOP Experiences"

I attended UOP for a BSIT and MIS degree. Some of the complaints are just not valid. The school explains their policy clearly on missing classes or assignments.

They make it clear what is expected and why they are so strict. This is not an environment for slakers. You have the ability to take time off for something like 45 days. Virtually every instructor was great and knowledgable about their field. A few were better than others. I will admit that UOP is better for people with experience in their field rather than starting from scratch.

My team mates were always self motivated team members and we had no problem getting assignments done. As in any colledge, you will always have some that try to slide by and simply do not follow the instructors instructions or expectations. Some people try to cut/past assignments from the Internet rather than actually read, understand, and then write about a subject.

I have received two promotions while earning my degrees and I feel my advanced studies contributed to this success. UOP is pricey and probably charges more than they should for online, however, you do complete everything quickly and then get to move onto a new subject. Also, one person said you pay for "chapters" not books. WRONG...every class I have had, I could download the entire book, some people just do not realize what is available on the UOP web site for resources and do not use them.

UOP is a good experience, but better if you have experience in your field.