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"Glad I graduated, but won't pursue my Master's with UoP"

I am happy to say I received my BBS in Accounting, but I must admit that the other complaints on this site are legitimate. When I originally signed on to complete my Associate's and Bachelor's from UoP, I had full intentions of pursuing my Master's with them as well. I have now enrolled with Keller Graduate School instead, due to two serious issues with UoP. 1) The Administrative staff at UoP teeters between knowing the basics and being completely incompetent. My financial and academic advisors were changed many times, with different answers being given depending on the person. Obviously, with such an expensive education, it was a true concern that financial aid advisors really didn't know how to advise. In the end I had to go to "the top" to have my financial aid issues resolved and waived because of dealing with incompetent advisors. 2) The group work or otherwise known as learning teams, was a complete joke and was extremely frustrating. I have the passion to succeed, so when I was placed in a group with slackers, I felt that I had to carry the load because my own grade would reflect badly if I did not. UoP will tell you that the professors monitor the groups and use the LT evaluation at the end of the class to assign different grades to slacking team members if necessary, but that is honestly not true. If I did end up with dedicated group members, then the experience was definitely better, but overall I do not believe this group work is beneficial in any way. I am excited about pursuing my Master's with Keller and not having any group work! :)