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"Comprehensive, Relevant and Quality Education"

I was an International student and enrolled in 2002. After 4 years of very hard work, I finally graduated in 2006. I chose UoP because I was looking to earn an American degree from overseas without having to leave my country or interrupt my full-time career. I had always been a good and serious student and I thought studying with UoP would certainly be a piece of cake. To my surprise, I found that the curriculum was very rigorous and so relevant to my career. While studying, I was having a full-time job and I started logging into my class 5 am in the morning and work till 8am before going off to work. In the evenings, I work from 9 - 1 am and throughout the day, I managed to spend more time during my lunch hours for studying. Certainly, my weekends were spent researching and writing endless papers! After almost 4 years, I graduated with a GPA 3.99 ... through sheer hard work but it was worth it! My facilitators were 90% excellent but teamwork can be quite frustrating. As in real life, people have different standards and abilities, and some are happy just to give the minimum. But as a perfectionist, I could never accept such differences and in many occasions, ended up redoing the work for my team ... especially in the Math courses. In preparation for the courses, I always borrowed / bought my books early so that I was ready when the course started - at that time, there was no college e-books and my textbooks took a long time to reach me in Asia. The shipping was costly too. As I was from a different timezone from the rest of my classmates, it took quite a lot of sacrifice on my part to make sure that I was present during any online discussions and that assignments were handed in on time. These were just some inconveniences but being able to attend university without having to sacrifice my career is wonderful! I was even able to go traveling throughout the 4 years without any disruption to my study. The best part of my experience was that I was able to network and learn much about the different professions that my fellow classmates were doing. Our facilitators were also very supportive and understanding, although some are much stricter than others, especially in marking our papers, thesis. In a nutshell, I have enjoyed my study with University of Phoenix Online and found the experience invaluable. It may not be an Ivy League school, but it offers very good and balanced curriculum relevant to current workplace.