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University of Phoenix Reviews


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"Biggest mistake of my life"

I have been waiting to student teach for over a year. It is the only part of my degree that isn't complete. If I do not get a placement for Spring 2013, which looks highly unlikely at this point, I will have been enrolled in my program for five years, and therefore ineligible to continue with it. I will, however, be "welcome to explore other degree options" through UOP. I have no intention of giving this school another dime, and am instead exploring other universities. I was forced to take six months off after taking bad advice given by my financial aid advisor. I had to wait until I was eligible for more aid, or pay $7k out of pocket. At least 18 months of the nearly 5 years I've been a student with UOP has been not my choice, but I will still be unable to complete my degree. The student interactions on the website are often cruel, hostile and like something out of Mean Girls. EVERY course has team work, and that is a nightmare. Many of my classmates could barely write coherent sentences. I honestly often wondered how they finished an undergraduate degree, let alone with a high enough GPA to get into UOP's Master's program (which requires a 3.0), but in a lot of cases they did their undergrad degree with UOP, too. Since the standards are so poor and the material so weak, it's hardly surprising they were able to pass easily. I strongly recommend against ANY for-profit university. Look into the many public/private (but still non-profit) schools that now have online programs instead.