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University of Maryland Reviews


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"Overall Great School"

Most professors are very knowledgeable. However, expect to get a bad egg on occasion. I've strictly taken online courses. Some professors are hands on. Some prefer to have the classroom set in a format where the students learn from each other.Some professors are very strict, some aren't. Some professors are easily accessible, some aren't. I've had one or two who didn't seem to have a clue. But it is very rare to get a bad professor. But overall, I think UMUC has an excellent online program. It can be tough and require quite a bit of work, which I think is to be expected with an online program. The extensive work helps show the professor you are participating in class. If what you want is an online school where you can get by by just skating along, then this school is not for you. It is also extremely military and military family friendly school. I'd highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn and receive a real education..