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"Hit or Miss"

As an experience programmer looking to finish my degree, this seemed like a good program. So far, after a few semsesters, the teachers have been hit or miss. On the high end, the teachers knew their subject matter well and were helpful. On the low end, I was stuck with Data Structures teacher who was clearly in over her head, not only was she averse to explaining things in code, she was incapable of explaining things with code and essentially expected us to pay $1,000 for the course and to be happy with reading from a very dated textbook and then try our best to answer poorly phrased questions which made little sense to anybody but her. The great teachers have been really, really great, but most of the teachers are just average on a good day. You can expect a few teachers to take out their work frustrations on the class or use their class to satisfy some self-esteem issues. Don't let the bad ones dissuade you from the program, just try to learn about them from other students and do all you can to avoid teachers like I had in Data Structures, but try to seek out the great ones I had (C++, for example).