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Strayer University Online Reviews


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"Pretty Good"

I started my first quarter at Strayer in physical classes on campus. Then I moved for a new job and had no campuses nearby so I made the easy transition to online learning. I have to admit, I felt the in-class curriculum was too lenient. Students were getting away with handing things in late, being unprepared, late, etc. I was doubting the value of my time and money for the education I was receiving. My online classes however, were challenging. The professors used the discussion forums effectively and called out students who seemed to copy others or take shortcuts. Penalties were enforced for late work (in the real world you dont get very many extensions), but with advance notice of a situation or in certain circumstances they would grant exceptions. I felt the online curriculum was very practical and valuable. Its satisfying when something learned in a class is brought up at work! I only wish Strayer offered Ph.D. programs.