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Strayer University Online Reviews


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"Great School"

I compared Strayer with alot of schools before I chose to attend the school. I find that any college is what you make it. Strayer gives you what you need to make a strong impact in your field of passion. Most people who have a problem with Strayer were either expecting to live the "college life" and did not realize this is a college for working adults or they just have a problem with their financial aid. I have had no problems with Strayer University. I am the type of person who takes advantage of all opportunities given to me. I wanted a school that had a strong online delivery, but was still able to accommodate me if I decided to come to the campus for some classes. No other school has the online delivery and on campus together that matches with Strayer. Walden is a great school but they are strictly online and the accept everyone with a pulse. University of Phoenix is ok but they have group assignments that are just a complete waist of time. Capella is only on line as well so that's a turn off. My top choices was Devry, Strayer, and the Georgia Web MBA program. I chose Strayer because it met my needs. You have to find out what you want before choose a school. Those people who are upset with Strayer simply did not take in consideration what they wanted from a school, so they are trying to bad mouth a good school. Shame on them. My message to all you Strayer Haters is to just have some integrity, pick yourself up, dust yourself up, and admit to yourself you was not ready to enroll in any college and it was not Strayer University that failed you, it was yourself. Failure follows those who fail to follow through, so next time you enroll into a college, just handle your business and don't expect anyone to hold your hand whether they be in the financial aid office, admissions department, ect..... dueces !!