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Strayer University Online Reviews


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"Dont bother"

Dropped out after two terms. They raised the tuition and did not bother to tell me, so I was waiting for my book vouchers that never came. When I called up to see where the were, the told the price of tuition went up and that I owed them money. Also, I was told to order books that I did not need and was unable to return them. I brought this up to my advisor and they said they would look into it, but never heard from him again. Also had some issue with some assignments in class and email the professor it took him over 2 weeks to get back to me and even then he just told me the answer and did not help me understand the assignment. I was trying to get someone to talk to about my problems before I dropped out, but never managed to, and when I finally did drop out I got charged again for not dropping the class before it started (it was in the first week). They are great at getting you setup and ready to go, but once your in there it is very disappointing.