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"Rasmussen Online Has Been Wonderful To Me"

I came from ITT with one quarter under my belt for Computer Forensics (98% average). When I found out I'd been lied to considering the application of national credits, I switched to Rasmussen via the recommendation of Greg Hambleton of Utica University Online. In order for me attend Utica, I would have to have an associates degree. He said that Rasmussen was their first choice. I'm at the end of my second quarter at Rasmussen. I've had a bit of trouble with English 1101 due to an inability to make headway with the instructor, but I'm not giving up. I'm taking it again. We butted heads and left the situation amicably. How often does that happen in any university? By the way, she is an award-winning writer. I'll be back for another course. I should end this quarter with an outstanding GPA, and better yet - complete understanding of my courses. I'm learning accounting online. That's right - accounting. And yet, I am thriving. My instructors are available, and so are my advisors. Rasmussen's online advisors are amazing. I have four people who are at the end of my phone all the time. I love them. Gretel. Michael. Chris. Ashley. Always there to help me. I see a trend these days; trash online learning if you're not an independent learner. That's not fair. Online learning can be really hard, especially if you're learning math, accounting, or anything not ingrained in your psyche. Don't blame the college. Take a step back, relax, and enroll at a community college. If you are a decent independent learner, this is a fantastic school! I love the website, the ease of the online learning tools, and the availability of the student advisors. In fact, I've decided to double major.