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"Not recommended if you have an outstanding loan"

I decided to go back to school and get a degree in computer the reason why I wanted to get into Rasmussen online because it had all the thing that I was looking for what I wanted to do for a living I thought that I pick the right college to go to so I filled out to request information and I got a phone two days later and I got the ball rolling there was a lot of stuff that I had to do online and what made it hard was I did not get all the help that I needed from the school but I was willing to try by myself so when everything went through and the loans were approved I was happy and when school started everything went very smoothly and I spent about ten hours a day in my two classes I had everything written down what classes I had work in and what went were and my system worked very well and I even attended classes on the days that I was not post to be there but I did so I did all my discussion post and replied to other peoples post and usually I do more than three so I was doing great and my grades were good and then I started having internet problems and I contacted my counselor and explained to him what was going on and that I will get to my school work as soon as I can and he said ok that was fine and let me know when you will be able to get back online. Make a long story short when summer vacation came I had two weeks off and at that time I started my new FAFSA online and I had all the information that they needed and I got all the loans that I needed and when school started I notice that my professors did not have any contact with me when I needed help so I did everything in my power to get the help and I was let down by all the staff then I got a call about the second weeks that I started my new enrolled classes and I was told that all the money will be returned because I had an outstanding balance on a loan from a different school and I was dumb founded and she said that if I wanted to stay in my classes I would have to pay out of pocket 3,167.00 and I said I do not have that kind of money and they solution was borrow 1,061 from my parents who have bills of there own so I told her that I would have no chose but to drop out because I don't have that kind of money. So needless to say that I was kick out of school because of a old loan that I had and I will never understand that how they can get me a first loan and not have a problem but when i got the second loan I had a problem.