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Rasmussen College Reviews


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"Not a bad school"

The online program is easy to follow but the education was average at best. Many of my classes involved teachers that were there to grade papers and that was about it. They weren't active in the discussions and papers were often late to be graded. I even had a teacher that gave me resources that didn't fit the description of the assignment when I told him that I couldn't find what I needed. After I explained why it wouldn't work he gave me another resource that also did not fit the description so I again told him why and he never responded after that. I guess he didn't want to admit that the assignment was impossible and I was right. Somehow he gave other people credit for doing the assignment with information that was not accurate for the description of the assignment. I also had a few classes where the teachers didn't know they had a class until a few weeks into it. Maybe I was wrong in believing that paying for an education entitled me to a teacher? The positive part of Rasmussen was that when I had problems with a class I could always go to the campus to get help. When I failed online Algebra I took it on campus and the teacher was amazing. The two classes I took on campus had amazing teachers because that was their job. My adviser was also great at keeping in touch when I began to slip on my school work. They were more than willing to listen to what was going on and encourage me to continue despite personal struggles. Overall I believe the staff on campus is fantastic but online it's hit or miss. If I could do it over again I would not attend Rasmussen because it's overpriced based on the education or lack there of that you receive. I could have gotten the same education from a tech school for a lot less money.