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Rasmussen College Reviews


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"My experiences"

I have been attending Rasmussen for almost 2 years. The experience thus far has been great. The Instructors, admin. financial aid, are all easy to contact and available by phone or email and reply back within 24 hours. The tuition is to be expected when attending online, of course your paying a little extra for the convenience. I have read some reviews making comments that the school is worthless and that you can make the honor roll without even lifting a book. Of course this person went on to state how she had no high school diploma or GED. I didn't need them to tell me this, it was obvious. If your attending online its up to you to read the book and get an education, or to cheat and just do the assignment using the internet and make all the money your spending a waste of time. Attending online means that it's up to you to put some initiative into your education. If you want the school to do it for you, well then Rasmussen is not for you, nor any other College. I talk to my classmates and they have all had just as great of experiences as I have. Do the work, do the reading, need help, talk to someone, Rasmussen has always been there when I was stuck and I honestly can't find anything bad to say about them.