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"Pleased with choice."

I would definitely recommend this school for any of the bachelor programs they offer. I have been a student for eight months and I am majoring in accounting. I was skeptical at first because the school is so small and I had never heard of it. But after doing some research I found out Post is regionally accredited and so far all my accounting professors have been CPAs and the professors for the rest of my courses all held advanced degrees except for one who had a bachelor degree with extensive work experience in his subject area and he had also taught at bigger schools like UNC and UVA. All the professors so far have been really quick about responding to emails except for one who seems to only check for questions about three times a week. Once I started my classes I compared the curriculum, the materials, and the textbooks we are using to bigger and more respected schools to compare the quality of the education I am receiving and so far, speaking for the accounting program, the curriculum is about 90-95% the same. I was never pressured into enrolling but it is pretty easy to get accepted if you have at least a 2.0 GPA. I have noticed that as the course level increases (300 and 400 level) the number of students in my class drops between 25-50% so it is definitely no cake walk. My intermediate accounting class went from 26 students at the beginning of the course to 12 at the end. The classes are accelerated 8 week courses so there is a ton of work at times. So far I think I made a great choice by choosing Post for my BS degree. The only reason I do not plan on completing my MBA at Post is because I want a MBA from an AACSB school, I believe Northeastern is the only one mentioned on this site, but the requirements needed to complete my degree at Post are the same as those at AACSB undergrad schools so I will meet all the requirements when I choose an AACSB school for my MBA. I know this is a long review but when I was searching for an online school it was very difficult to find info on this one, so I hope this helps anyone who is looking at Post. Also the have really great tuition rates for veterens and active duty military.