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Ottawa University Reviews


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"If you want a REAL education....find another school"

I graduated, but I feel I didn't learn much. For a "Christian" college, many of the people I dealt with weren't very "Christian-like". I'm going to another school now for my Masters, feeling completely inadequately educated to do the work. Ottawa had very little support, a "tutoring" support that is hard to get on, and I was told by an instructor that the tutoring support was a complete waste of time and money, and I agree. I graduated thee months ago and have yet to receive my diploma. I had a very hard time getting my transcript sent to my new school so I could start late Spring, and although my student advisor was a sweetheart, my overall experience with Ottawa, sorry, sucked. As said, I feel I know very little more about psychology than I did before I started Ottawa. The semesters are only two months long, and the school I'm going to now has student support that blows Ottawa out of the water. If you're looking to get a good education, one that is worth the thousands of dollars you are spending, or will spend, to go to a school, research other schools before committing yourself to won't take long to find one that is worth your time and money., otherwise, if you plan on geting your Master degree, you'll be where I am now, very unsure that I can even do the required work. There are schools out there that have much more student support, such as writing centers, software, and the one I'm going to even has a 24 hour "hotline" you can call if you feel overwhelmed concerning not only school issues, but personal ones, too. If you go to Ottawa, you will not receive the education you paid for!!!!!