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Liberty University Reviews


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"Overall a WONDERFUL school!"

I'm a current student as well as Active Duty ARMY. I chose this school because they had the most military friendly, no BS staff, They worked with me to get me up and running and thoroughly made sure I was good to go. I'm not even very religious but this school just fits me right! Now I am half way through my 1st semester and pullin A's n B's. I highly recommend this school to ALL Military and veterans. Boys n Girls, this is the school that will take care of you! Compared to all those other "Military Friendly" schools out there, LU doesn't leave you out to dry and doesn't pop up with random expenses. It is all spelled out and 99% of it is covered by AD TA!!! I haven't spent a dime out of pocket yet! The instructors are incredibly military friendly, one short email saying I have staff duty or I have to go to the field, and they graciously push my assignments due date back! I love this school and I will attend through the rest of my career, I'm not stopping at one BS, I'm gonna score a few AA and Certificates to really brighten my resume up for the light at the end of the tunnel. Seriously, check this school out. From one NCO to any military out there, this is what you have been looking for!