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Liberty University Reviews


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"Great sense of community for an online school."

I'm a current student. Liberty is a great school that gives you a quality education. I feel like a part of Liberty's community, even though I've never been on their campus. Part of my program (Masters in teaching) includes "intensive" courses, which require me to go spend three weeks in Virginia on their campus. I'm really looking forward to it! The students and faculty that I've interacted with have been great, and really supportive. Most professors seem to really care about their students - some seem like they're going through the motions, but that's true for almost any college and pretty rare with Liberty. The textbooks are usually one content area one and one content area related Christian one. At first I didn't like the Christian aspect to my courses, but I feel like it has made me stronger in my faith and I appreciate the religious aspect now. The college does have a strong Christian basis so if you're considering the school you should be comfortable with that. The costs are a lot, but hey, college is expensive. It's more affordable than most other comparable schools and I feel like it's a quality education for the price. The staff is always available and really helpful when you have any questions. I do wish that Liberty would offer on campus housing for the intensives, because staying in a hotel adds up quick. All in all, I highly recommend Liberty's programs. I'm a very satisfied student.